torsdag 7. april 2016

Capital punishment

I`m against capital punishment, because I think it is others ways to punish people than killing them. They can rather get a lifetime in prison. I think that killing people is never the answer to things.
I use to see crime series (Castle, CSI, etc.) and I think it is so stupid that they often just kill people with no reason. But also I think it is quite really interesting.


søndag 3. april 2016

George Washington

George Washington was USA`s first president. 
 He was of British origin and grew up in a wealthy family in the 
province of Virginia. Washington was a leader in the British army 
during the war against the French and Indians and other conflicts, 
but later said his position to marry Martha Dandridge Custis, a wealthy 
widow with two children.


mandag 7. mars 2016

Welcome to blog!

The name on my blog is hello, because I was listing to the song Hello by Adele, which is a song I like very well. I`m going to publish new blog posts maybe once a week. Welcome to my blog.